Our mission

Eliminate waste.

Plain and simple. We aim to divert waste from landfills and into Upcycle streams. We plant trees to offset the carbon footprint from running service trucks. We continuously strive to find new ways to reuse materials. We believe that with technology we can create a sustainable Upcylce system.


Environmental sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

We believe the current way waste management is handled is obsolete. Waste flows and volumes have changed. It is time our industry evolved with it.

We are changing the industry norms. By finding ways to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. By focusing on reducing the carbon emissions from collection vehicles. By planting trees to offset ours, and others, carbon footprint.

We are not your grandmother's garbage company.

Modern solutions

Managing waste removal shouldn't be harder than booking a vacation.

Simple mobile friendly applications allow homeowners, companies and organizations to manage all of their waste and recycling needs. Easily and conveniently.

We equip other waste haulers with powerful hardware and software to improve efficiency across the industry.

Data driven operations allow us to work with our partners to reduce emissions and waste, while improving service.

Plant A Tree Program

We believe that every company should make a positive impact on the world. That is why we started our Plant A Tree Program.

Every time you order a dumpster from Alliance Disposal we make a donation to One Tree Planted and they plant a tree in a forest in need.

Trees Planted



We believe in changing the status quo.

That with the right people any company can make an extraordinary change in this world.

That technology has the ability to bring our craziest dreams to life.

We just happen to be in the garbage business.

Experience the difference